Matthew Lanyon
Matthew Lanyon - Beyond the Mark 2014
13th September to 11th October 2014


Matthew Lanyon - Beyond the Mark 2014 Beyond The Mark
Celebrated artist Matthew Lanyon grew up in an environment rich with the influence of post-war British abstraction. His intricate paintings draw on a prestigious lineage of Cornish landscape painting, and combine topographical details of the West Cornwall peninsula with references to classical mythology and personal memory.
Variously alluding to land, sea, a Gwithian sunset, the figure of an ancient Greek kore, the airfield at Perranporth, the communications mast above Camborne and a vanishing, nebulous image of Salome bearing John the Baptist's head, this new collection of powerfully composed works exhibit Lanyon's masterful handling of the picture plane, of highly complex themes and the skilful application of a visual language which marks Lanyon's work as distinct from that of his contemporaries.

Matthew Lanyon
Carl Diving
108 x 108 cms

Ref: 17946