Neil Davies
Neil Davies - Earth, Sea & Stone
26th July to 30th August 2014


Neil Davies - Earth, Sea & Stone Working from his studio on the Penwith Peninsula, where nature is amplified and the scenery is ever changing, Neil Davies' works capture the heightened drama of a rugged landscape of ear th, sea and stone at the mercy of Atlantic weather systems.
This year's record breaking storms have provided a wealth of direct inspiration for this exhibition of starkly beautiful oil paint- ings, which are the result of many hours spent up on the moors in heavy gales, down at Sennen watching waves crash over the breakwater, or at Priest Cove on bitterly cold days in bright winter light.

Neil Davies
Ditches and Bracken On A Blustery Day
46 x 61 cms
Grey sky, clouds full of rain. Again. The ground is waterlogged and squelchy underfoot, and the ditches are overflowing. This lone cottage, squatting amidst the damp landscape, looks a little dejected and fed up with the rain too. But even at its most dreary, Nature still has its beauty if you look for it.
Ref: 17499