Akiko Hirai
Open Spaces - Akiko Hirai
29th May to 31st July 2012


Open Spaces - Akiko Hirai Akiko Hirai is much respected in the field
of international ceramics. Originally from Shizouka,
Japan, Akiko follows the traditional
Japanese method of letting the quality of
the clay direct her work and the way in
which it is fired.This is the first step in a
conscious development of the interaction
between object and viewer.
'My work begins with words. It is not
visual like a drawing on a piece of paper,
but sometimes our five senses cannot be
separated. I do not know what senses
words can trigger. As our senses are not
thought to be divided in our brains when
we are born and developed with our
experiences; there are individual differences
in how we feel things.Too many
words spoil the beauty of sentences, too
little words do not express enough of its
content. I begin my sentences with words
and finish with objects.

Akiko Hirai
Large Moon Jar (White)

Ref: 11773