Emma Jeffryes
Emma Jeffryes - About St Ives...
21st March to 7th May 2012


Emma Jeffryes - About St Ives... Emma Jeffryes' Favourite Places....

Emma Jeffryes' vibrant and loosely constructed works reflect the simple beauty of St Ives Bay and the artist's passion for painting the colour and bustle of this pretty West Cornwall town. This latest collection entitled "Favourite Places" depicts a myriad of ocean blues against the foreground of St Ives' white beaches, grey granite walls and green summer hedgerows, these affectionatley rendered local scences are often framed by a wonderful aray of coastal flowers.

"St Ives is truly stunning to observe and remains the focus of my new collection. I am previliged to be able to spend so much time just looking at it. I do find myself returning to the same favourite place and view points and will continue to do so.
How compelling and everchanging it is to look out accross Porthmeor Beach or, in contrast, down into the safety and calm of the harbour. During the winter months the sea can be so dramatic and wonderful to watch - always displaying a breathtaking myriad of blues and greens against the foreground of lichen covered rooves and granite walls. Whilst though, spring and summer, as the hedgrows come alive, these familiar scenes are then framed beautifully with a wondeful aray of flowers and greenery.
I have made a full transition to working on board which is proving to be very successful. Having such a robust surface to work on is allowing me to experiment more with mark making and layering of paint, which is giving the finished piece an extra depth.
Again, I am bringing in an element of focus on figures, or rather, distant figures that seem small on an expanse of beach or walking on the pier by the lighthouse. In addition I am beginning to look at boats again with increasing interest. A large weathered hull of a boat can throw out some great shapes and colours.
The subject matter really is endless and for me, a cause of continual fascination..."

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Emma Jeffryes
Seagull Sketch
39 x 30 cms

Ref: 10931