Tracy Rees
Tracy Rees
16th February to 29th March 2012


Tracy Rees The New Craftsman Gallery begins its 2012 exhibition season with a collection of works by Cornwall based painter Tracy Rees. Rees's witty and touching paintings of our favourite creatures in everyday settings capture the essence of her subjects' personalities. Painting simple snapshots of the domestic dogs, cats and birds with whom we share our lives and homes, Rees employs a softly colourful palette, shimmering level of detail and the empty backgrounds and spare compositions of classic ancestral portraiture, which lends each of her works a comical grandeur. A collection of contemporary interior pieces by Japanese ceramicist Rie Tsuruta will also be on show.

Tracy Rees


30 x 25 cms

Acrylic on board

Ref. 8637

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