Linda Styles Ceramics
30th August to 28th October 2011


Linda Styles Ceramics I tend to use the word 'maker' to describe myself, never have liked labels and categorisation. My main practice is vessel based usually with narrative undertone and mixed messaging. I also sculpt figurative ornament, assemble tile panels, occasionally undertake public art projects and paint pictures. I have maintained an academic profile for many years as an associate lecturer in contemporary ceramics and visiting lecturer in Contemporary Crafts. My independent curatorship and academic research projects having achieved EEU, Heritage Lottery, CUC and Arts Council funding. Since 2009 I choose to concentrate fully on my studio practice
"The off beat ceramics and 'look twice' pictures of the multi-dimensional Linda Styles, a London born but Cornwall based ceramist and painter, reflect a remarkable life. Behind the savage elegance of her ceramics and the eloquent beauty of her paintings lies a restless spirit and a rich but frequently dark experience. Many have tried to pigeonhole Linda's work with little success; there is simply nothing like it, exciting, vibrant and not to be missed, a heady mix of quirky, haunting and thoughtful, underpinned by social commentary Linda, as ever, continues to mix intense with intent". Linda Cleary 2009
"Linda Style's paintings and ceramics are instantly recognisable, created in a style that is uniquely her own. There is a dynamic tension between the figurative and abstract elements of her work, which often contain intriguing undertones. Linda is one of the most exciting artists working in Cornwall today".
Brian Stewart, Director and Curator, Falmouth Art Gallery 2006