St Ives in Bloom
1st April to 27th May 2011


St Ives in Bloom Emma Jeffryes` newest collection of paintings, under the title of St.Ives in Bloom, will be on show from April 9th at the newly re-opened and refurbished New Craftsman Gallery .

Reflecting the beauty of Easter springtime and the onset of a cornish summer, this spring exhibition conveys Emma`s passion for painting the colour and bustle of St.Ives Bay, a place where she has lived and worked for the last 15 years. Continuing her long standing relationship with the New Craftsman, who were the very first to exhibit her work over a decade ago.

"Last year, with a chain gang of strong friends, we dug a trench from the house to our garden shed in order to lay electricity and water. And, with a bit of extra weatherproofing, I now have a superb garden studio.

It`s so wonderfully peaceful and over the winter months I have been able to indulge in letting my mind drift back to those gorgeous summer days unique to St.Ives when the flowers are out in full bloom and the sea is impossibly tropical. Equally, in winter there is beauty in the calm, still days and empty beaches when the light can be particularly special.

There is so much about St.Ives that I enjoy observing, be it a glance at some fresh blossom above the harbour whilst walking along Park Avenue or taking in the whole vista of the bay from lighthouse to lighthouse.

This collection for The New Craftsman represents my continued fascination with St. Ives and my quest to convey what this environment means to me in my paintings. Having lived and painted here for the last 15 years it truly is a place I feel I know intimately."