Jane Reeves - Sea Stories - Seascapes in Glass
25th July to 30th August 2014


Jane Reeves - Sea Stories - Seascapes in Glass PLEASE RE-VISIT THIS PAGE ON THE 26TH OF JULY TO SEE WORKS IN THE SHOW.

Jane and the New Craftsman Gallery will be donating the proceeds of one of the works in support of RNLI St Ives. Please re-visit for more details.

'We all stop to look at the sea, we may take a snapshot, and then walk on. The waves continue to land themselves, unwatched. It is as if there is an independent force operating beyond our control and so we are less than it. We respect it. We journey to see it. We play in it and on it. Or we just watch it.'
'When I go to the sea, it reminds me of my humanity. Painting it allows me to be caught up in a bigger thing and encourages me to look hard for beauty and the elusive quality that is life itself.has a unique 'painterly' style using glass powders in a liquid medium. This technique allows Jane to blend her passion for painting with the fused glass medium.
'The colours I see in a falling wave are those that describe freedom, freedom from the stuff of life that sometimes crowds in and saps energy. As a city dweller seeking that sense of freedom, they provide a momentary but lasting space to breathe deeply and be refreshed. Whether they are gentle harbour waves or huge crashing beach breakers, they represent the colour and sound of a 'free' sea.love the challenge of trying to capture the essence of the sea, whether it's in an actual place or a holiday memory, or an emotion maybe... There's a moment when it looks just right, it takes me back to that place in time and I'm there. And my hope is that, in distilling that moment, someone else will see it too, will catch the same emotion and be refreshed by it, restored.gained a BAHons degree from Bath Academy of Art in 1987, and worked in theatre publishing and illustration before concentrating on painting and glass. Jane works from her studio in Bristol and has a particular love of the north Cornish coast, where the clear quality of the light, the energy captured where the sea meets the land and the refreshing spirit of the landscape define the content of her work. Many years spent visiting St Ives and the surrounding coastline have left a deep sense of connection.