Lisa Stockham

Lisa Stockham My work explores the redundancy and renewal of an object, connecting the past with the present. The vessels reference historic, ancient vessels and archaeological artifacts. The evidence of the passing of time - frayed fabric, peeling paint, eroded architecture, rusting metals, decay and erosion, inspires me. Through my ceramics I explore rough surface textures combined with graphic patterns.

I review the use of pattern, decoration and textile imagery. Often taking decorative detailing as a starting point I build vessels from pattern; the decoration becomes the structure. It is as if the form has been rebuilt from remains, becoming reminiscent of eroding architecture, sculptures or repaired crockery.

Cloud Pot (small)

21 x 20 cms

Ref. 24077


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Moon Jar with Large Lines

48 x 48 cms

Ref. 26149


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Pot with Open Lines

43 x 40 cms

Ref. 26150


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